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Адрес: Skirmanovo village, Ruza district, Moscow region, Russia. The postal code: 143125


The history of Skirmanovo

The village is located in the Ruza district of the Moscow region. Till 2005 it was entered in Nikolsky the rural district. After abolition of the Nikolsky the rural district the village of Skirmanovo enters into the rural settlement Volkovskoye with the center in village of Novovolkovo. Constantly living population - 5 persons (data from 2006).


Coat of arms of the rural settlement Volkovskoye

Skirmanovo became in public known in the end of 1941 when near this village there were cruel fights. But it doesn't mean that the village didn't exist earlier. Having studied the historical background, we with surprise learn that Skirmanovo was founded only two centuries later than Moscow...
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