From highway M9 "Baltia" (Baltic Highway) to Skirmanovo  (2010)

From highway M9 "Baltia" (Baltic Highway) to Skirmanovo. View through a car windshield. Recorded on August 3rd, 2010. This highway is located approximately in 8 km to the north from Skirmanovo. 

 The big village of Pokrovskoye (2007)

The big village of Pokrovskoye is located approximately in 6 km to the southwest from Skirmanovo. In a video you will see the temple of the Intercession constructed in 1818 in honor of the "victories of the Russian weapon in the Patriotic War of 1812". 

The big village of Novopetrovskoye, the railway (2007)

An electric train going from Volokolamsk to Moscow arrival to railway station "Novopetrovskaya". This station is located approximately in 10 km to the northeast from Skirmanovo. 
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